Introducing the Listing of EDMC Dance Coin on the TokenWhistle App: A New Era in the Dance Music Industry

We are thrilled to announce the listing of EDM Dance Coin (EDMC) on the TokenWhistle App, a groundbreaking addition to the world of dance music. The EDMC project unites dance labels, publishers, producers, DJs, promoters, agencies, and fans into a single, global dance music community, empowered by its own independent currency – the EDM Dance Coin.

Designed for dance music enthusiasts at every level and from every corner of the world, the EDMC experience is truly unparalleled.

EDMC Dance Coin Tokenomics:

  • Token Name: EDM Dance Coin
  • Ticker: EDMC
  • Total Supply: 3,141,592,653
  • Issued Supply: 62,831,854
  • Current Price (Pre-sale): 0.053955 USDT

Token Distribution:

  • 314,159,265: Private Offering / Seed Cap & Pre-sale
  • 314,159,265: Ecosystem
  • 1,256,637,061: Public Sales
  • 471,238,898: Team & Advisors
  • 157,079,632: Staking Reserve
  • 314,159,264: Company Reserve
  • 314,159,265: Marketing, including affiliate

By holding EDMC tokens, you gain access to an extensive array of benefits and rewards offered by the project.

Immerse yourself in the EDM Dance Coin experience – the only legitimate cryptocurrency created explicitly for the Electronic Dance Music industry, where high rewards and real fan zone benefits converge in one place.

Join the largest global decentralized EDM community and claim your spot in this groundbreaking venture.

EDM Dance Coin is now listed on TokenWhistle, the ultimate Crypto Hub for Tracking, Earning, and Thriving. TokenWhistle keeps you informed about your cryptocurrencies by providing notifications on price changes and offering opportunities to earn additional tokens from top-notch project updates, and so much more. Stay connected with a diverse range of crypto tokens – all in a whistle!


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