Boost your project!

Participate in our $10 million Global Incentive Program and become eligible for a wide variety of growth opportunities. All the projects on the BNB Chain are more than welcome.
Biswap is happy to launch its Global Incentive Program with a grand $10 000 000 fund! This program serves the purpose of effective collaboration and support for upcoming and/or existing projects on the BNB Chain network.
We realize the importance of strong support for new projects just entering the market. $10 000 000 Global Incentive Program, you may expect all the necessary instruments and support needed to boost your project and make it reach new heights. Synergy coming from two companies working together in tandem may allow you for new high-quality services and products, technology enhancement, and further worldwide expansion.

What Can You Expect from Biswap?

Get up to 100% Fee Reimbursement

Up to 100% fee reimbursement for swaps with your token. You may use these funds for developing new high-quality products/services, strengthening your tokenomics with the help of additional funds that you can use for burning or may use this reimbursement amount at your own discretion.


If the monthly trading volume with your token reaches $300 000 000, you may get up to $150 000 fee refund.

Levels of the Global Incentive Program

Basic Level

Expanded Level

Advanced Level