Web3 Engagement Made Easy

TokenWhistle is here to revolutionize your crypto journey.
Equipped with WhistleAI - TokenWhistle provides users and projects personalized advice, and automated engagement, all in a seamless and rewarding experience!

Unique Features

Navigate Your Token Journey with Precision: Every Step, Every Token.

For End Users

  • Whistle Notifications

    Stay updated with project developments, receive bounty tasks, and more directly from projects.

  • Red Envelope

    Get daily rewards in tokens by opening Red Envelopes sent by projects.

  • Token Earning and Management

    Collect tokens in the Coin Pouch, request payouts, swap, stake tokens, and unlock rewards in the Vault Game.

Project Owners

  • Direct Notifications

    Set up tasks and reward users with tokens for completing actions.

  • Bounty Mission

    Set up tasks and reward users with tokens for completing actions.

  • Spotlight Feature

    Promote your projects to the next level and increase visibility.

AI For Everyone

TokenWhistle integrates AI to streamline the crypto experience, offering users and project owners efficient tools for growth and engagement. Whistle, the AI assistant, simplifies navigation, provides market insights, and automates earning tasks.

Whistle Token Advantages

  • Enhanced Utility Within the App

    The token offers users a range of utilities within the app, such as access to premium features, exclusive content, and advanced AI-driven insights.

  • Incentivized Participation

    Holders of the token are rewarded for their active participation in the ecosystem, including contributions through social shares, content creation, and community engagement.

  • Increased Earning Potentials

    With the token, users unlock higher earning potentials through various mechanisms within the app, including but not limited to, staking rewards.

  • Liquidity and Exchangeability

    The token is designed to be easily exchangeable and liquid within and outside the TokenWhistle ecosystem.


Gavon Smit

Co-founder - CEO

Jaimy de Vries

Co-founder - COO

Justin Wilms

Co-founder - CM

Jelle Postma

CTO - Lead Developer

Arie Cahyani


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User Engagement
Q1 & Q2 - 2022

  • Price Notifications
  • Spotlight Feature
  • Token News Notifications

Gamification & Community
Q3 & Q4 - 2022

  • Vault Game
  • Red Envelopes
  • Staking
  • Buy and Sell

AI Narrative
Q1 & Q2 - 2023

  • Ideation
  • Proof of Concept

AI Flow & Development
Q3 & Q4 - 2023

  • Market Analysis & Insights Integration
  • Security Enhancements Through AI
  • Customization and Scalability Solutions
  • Establishing Competitive Advantage

Data Integration & Analysis
Q1 & Q2 - 2024

  • In-depth Market Analysis & Insights
  • Advanced Security Measures
  • Customization at Scale
  • Competitive Intelligence

User-Centric AI Interaction
Q3 - 2024

  • Conversational Interface Implementation
  • Feedback Loop Integration

Activities & Developer Integration
Q3 - 2024

  • AI-Assisted User Activities
  • Developer Engagement and Support

Preparation for Token Launch
Q4 - 2024

  • Security Audit
  • Token Deployment on BEP-20

Launch TokenWhistle V2
Q4 - 2025

  • Launching AI Initiatives
  • User and Developer Onboarding
  • Public Launch

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